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Elizabeth Hamilton at John Rosselli – Dania Beach...

Had a fun morning seeing the collection hanging at John Rosselli &
Associates at DCOTA in Dania Beach, Florida, though we didn’t need the break from our strangely warm New England winter.

Jonathan Gargiulo was down from New York for the occasion and the showroom organized a breakfast reception for me to introduce my line.

I was very happy to see our friend and client, Rod Mickley, who made a special trip to the Design Center to see me and Peter.

My fabrics looked beautiful as pillows, setting off Kevin Mitchell’s dog, Ricky, perfectly.  (I love visiting showrooms that have “working” dogs!)

A Visit to Hollywood at Home...

Peter Dunham invited a lovely group of designers for me tomeet and to introduce my new collection at Hollywood at Home in Los Angeles.

I had the opportunity to explain the process of flatbed silkscreen and inform the group on the ease with which custom patterns and colorways can be created.

The shop is such a jewel box and everywhere I looked there was Elizabeth Hamilton—on the walls, pillows, in the windows, on a sofa, chair, and draperies, too.  Peter Dunham is so supportive and enthusiastic; I feel very lucky to be represented by him.

As luck would have it, my sister Sam Hamilton, owner of the incredible home store March Pantry, in San Francisco and her friends, artist Karyn Lyons and Rene Holguin from the West Hollywood clothing and apparel store, RTH, were able to stop by, too.  Lunch was my favorite—tea sandwiches, salads and cookies!

One Day, a Year and a Half Ago...

One August day about year and a half ago a very dear friend said to me “Elizabeth Hamilton is such a great name — you should really use it for something.”  That comment struck a chord and the vague idea that I had of creating a separate collection from Peter Fasano Ltd. crystalized.

Who knew how much I would love creating this  collection of fabrics and wallcoverings?  I have had a wonderful (though sometimes stressful) time making choices, asking for more strike-offs, screens, changes to backgrounds and standing my ground over colorways and combinations, with the support of the amazing team of talented people we work with.  It sometimes feels as if they can do anything!

It’s been a lot of work, and I’m so pleased at the positive response the collection has received.  I have tried to create combinations of colors and patterns that feel distinct from each other and used together create an eclectic but unified effect.


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